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#ROW80 Check-in and Win Books!

Yes, you read that right, win books. Yesterday I celebrated my 555th blog, with a competition to win 3 books – The Making of Us by Lisa Jewell, Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay and Emma Heart LA by Keris Stainton. The competition is still open if you want to win – just click here.

Now on with the bad bit, the check-in.

It’s gone all bad again. Well, this week is bad. This week is almost terrible. Until today I had only written 50% of days. Granted there’s only been 2, but it feels bad. To be honest, I’m really stressed at work, so don’t feel too bad taking some time off. However, as I always have some kind of excuse, I probably should.

My ROW buddy Laura and I decided at the weekend to kick ourselves back into action by seeing who could write the most each day. We’re checking in at 9pm each day. So far, we stand at:

  Helen  Laura
Saturday 0 707
Sunday 350+ 500+
Monday 0 375
Tuesday 296 300+

Well, we can see who this is working for, and it’s not me. It’s great having someone to kick my ass, even if it’s not working. At least it makes me think about writing, which I wouldn’t do without her. Thanks Laura. The new round starts in a couple of weeks, I think it’s going to be our round. I think we’re both going to smash it!

Nothing else is going particularly well either.
I did my Just Dance thing on the Wii on Sunday, but haven’t done any other exercise. I am back in the habit of 20 mins walk to and 20 mins walk from work, so that’s good. I just need to push it that extra and go to the gym, or running, or more Just Dance. Just remembered I got off the tube a stop early today, so had an extra 12 minutes walking, that’s good (even if the reason was delays rather than exercise!)

Not doing great blogging either. I’ve got a great excuse though. I decided last week to celebrate my 555th blog, but I’d just posted my 554th. That meant until I did my celebration 555 blog, I couldn’t do any others. And I dragged my feet arranging it. I’ll try harder.

I’m not going to bed early, I’m not doing my daily exercises, I’m not dieting very well (today might go ok, except I’ll probably drink half a bottle of wine – not so good, but needed, see above re work!).

This time last round I gave up. I’d done so badly running up to it, that I just couldn’t be bothered with the last week. Writing this, the thought went through my mind again, but this time, I’m stronger. I’ve not been doing well, but without ROW80 (and Laura), I bet I’d be doing worse. One week to go, lets see if I can make it count!

Getting Back On It

On Sunday last week, I decided this would be the week that I’d come back from my writing/exercise/eating slump. Unfortunately, on Monday, I didn’t. Nor Tuesday.
Wednesday though, I wrote a blog, and actually did some writing. The on Thursday I did some more writing, on Friday and Saturday too. Now all I need to do is some today, and that’s 5 days in a row. That has to almost be a pattern right? I’m so pleased with myself, I didn’t see this actually happening, so to be having such success (I know it’s early days), just makes me so happy! Yay!

I don’t think we should talk about the eating goal. I’ve not even been counting calories it’s been that bad. I’ve just been shopping for the week though, and bought loads of salads for lunch, and fruit and good things to snack on. Last week was my writing coming back, lets hope this week will be my eating coming good again.

Exercise is so-so. I’ve been pretty good most days at going and coming back from work – I’ve mainly gone to the station 20 minutes walk from the office, so I have that to do. I’ve also done Just Dance 3 on the Wii three times – twice for 20 minutes, then 30 minutes today. That should really be good, not so-so, but as it’ not running, or going to the gym, I don’t think it’s quite as good. Still, it’s exercise, and I’m doing it. Yay again.

There’s a lot of green on my chart this week. It’s almost as green as it was way back when this round of ROW80 started, back when I was doing well. I can totally see it carrying on next week too. The week after my boyfriend goes away for a couple of weeks, which means I’ll probably go to the gym lots, and eat much better (salads and veg for dinner!) and probably write lots more cause I won’t have him here to distract me. I’m having to look at the positives so it seems like 2 weeks won’t be as long. ROW80 goals are my positives. But there’s still 4 days until he goes – those are going to be good days too. They are.

Loving my positivity today.

So, how are YOUR goals going?

Getting Back On It

I’m back!

Well, I’m coming back anyway. Maybe today doesn’t count as really being back because I’ve got the day iff, so it’s not like I’m fitting writing in with real life, but still, I’m writing – that’s great.

So how am I doing on the ROW80 challenge so far this year? I’m going to create a chart for it, because we all know how I love a chart, and I seem to work better whan I have something to fill in – I guess I’m more accountable. Plus, you know, I get to put a pretty graph on my blog 🙂


Today, like I said, I’ve been writing. So far (I plan to write more) I’ve done around 1,500 words. As I’m off work I’d like to do more. I’d also like to so some shopping and other stuff, so I’m not 100% certain I can, but I’d like to.

1,500 is by dar the best I’ve done so far this year. On Wednesday I wrote 100 words. That’s shocking, but I’m actually proud of myself for it. I knew I didn’t have time for my goal of 500 – 1000, so usually I would have not bothered, but I figured that some was better than none. 100 may not be that many, but it is definitely better than none!

On Friday night I wrote 200 words. I wanted to write more, obviously, but by the time I’d stopped reading, I was tired. Too tired to write more than that.

Yesterday I wrote 236. Not great, but getting better. The best thing about those 236 words were that again, I didn’t have much free time, definitely not enough for my target, but I had some. I took that some and turned it into writing. Yay!

I hope this is a change. I’m getting back into writing The Man of My Dreams now too. I think I’m past the hard bit that I wasn’t sure about, so hopefully it will be plain sailing for the next 10k or so words. I think editing is going to be a huge job, because I think I should have been where I am now much earlier in the story. I feel like too many things are going to happen and I don’t have enough time to resolved them believabley. I guess it doesn’t help that yesterday I added in a major event. Still, it’s good and hopefully will make it a bit grittier. If ‘grittier’ is a word I can use for this romance. We’ll see.

I’m really looking forward to finishing it so that I can read it. I desperately want to know how it flows, if it works and if it’s believable. I just have to write loads before I can get to that stage. Maybe if I carry on like I’ve done today, set myself a goal – NaNoFiMo (National [??] Novel FINISHING Month) for the rest of January… ROW80 is probably enough really,. I’d like to get back to writing 1,667 words a day, and it’s not like I’ve got much money to go out until payday, so no distractions there or anything. Lets see (no goal changing just yet!).


I’m doing really well with reading. I’m more than halfway through When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman. My feelings for it have been a lot like they were for Petit Anglaise – I like it, a lot, but I’m not addicted to it. Having said that though, I keep picking it up. I think it’s reading that I’m really enjoying at the moment, and I’m reading good books, which makes such a difference to the end of last year!

I am reading A LOT. Yesterday we went to the darts world championship (boyfriend works for one of the sponsors, so we get *huh hum* free tickets. Not sure I’d want to go if we didn’t, but it’s a damn good day out!). We had to go all the way out to Farnborough which is about an hour from London. I read there and the way back. Saturday, I spent most of the day in bed reading, and every night last week I came home and read for ages. I’m properly in a reading buzz at the moment. It’s not a bad thing, as long as I can balance it with writing.


Seeing as I wasn’t able to go the gym last week (they haven’t added my corporate membership to their system yet – hopefully tomorrow!), you would have thought I’d be playing on the Wii a lot, wouldn’t you? No. On Saturday I did 30 minutes, today I did 35 both on Just Dance 3, but other than that, nothing. BUT, I have been walking. A lot. Thursday, Friday and yesterday I think I walked more than 4km each day. That’s good.


This is up and down. Some days I’m good and stick to the 1400 calories, others not so much. If I’m honest, there’s more when I don’t than I do. Regardless, I’m trying. This week will be better, it will!

How’s your week starting out? How did last week go? I’d love to hear!

Another #ROW80 Check-In

Time is flying. I cannot believe it’s Wednesday already, time for another check-in. It literally feels like yesterday that I did my last one, but apparently that was 4 days ago. How?

This week is going… ok. Better than the end of last week, but not as good as the beginning of last week. Yesterday I got 7/9 goals, Monday 8/9 and Sunday I think 8/9. It’s not great, it’s not 9/9, but it’s consistently pretty good.

On Monday I came to the library and rented Just Dance 3. I got to enough points on Sunday to ‘win’ my first level prize – 2 Wii games. The problem was that I didn’t have a clue which ones I wanted. I decided to rent one this week, and 1 next week, to get an idea of which ones to pick. If I had have thought of it before, I would have rented them a couple of weeks ago, so we could have gone out on Monday and bought them, but hey, lets not think about that one!

Just Dance 3 is so much fun. When I first started playing it I felt like an idiot (didn’t help that a certain someone was watching me!), but now I’m getting more into it and learning the routines a little more, I’m finding it great fun – and, it must be burning a ton of calories – I sweat like hell when I’m doing it!

I guess I should really talk more about the actual goals, not just the prizes (no fun!).

The one I’m not doing too well on at the moment is the writing one – you know, the most important one. On Monday I had the day off. I wrote 600 words in the morning, then kept thinking I’d write the other 400 later… then it got later so I thought I’d do them even later… and so on until I didn’t do any more. I’m really annoyed with myself because I could have easily done them first thing, but instead I did some reading, and surfed Twitter and Facebook. Rar!

Yesterday, I didn’t write anything (other than a blog – no novel-writing). When I was at work I heard about a job that I’m interested in applying for. I spoke to the person recruiting for it who said she’d be happy for me to apply. That meant last night I had to concentrate on rewriting my CV. OR starting to anyway, I didn’t get any further than editing it a little (a lot acutally). Tonight’s job is to add my current job and action on the electronic version the changes I made on the paper one yesterday.

Because I spent so long on the CV last night, after dinner, and the book club (which was straight after work), and I’d played on the Wii (important goal) there just wasn’t time to write too. Hopefully tonight. No, definitely tonight!

Tomorrow’s the Christmas party – the day I’m dreading because I may lose so many points. Hopefully I’ll be able to rack up a lot earlier in the day, so do too bacly. And hopefully I won’t get too drunk, so won’t lose too many on Friday with the hangover like I did last week! Fingers crossed!

#ROW80 Check-In Sunday 12th December

I had been doing so well with my challenges, until Friday. On Friday I went to a supplier’s Christmas drinks at lunchtime, and it’s been downhill since then. Rather than staying for a few hours, my boss and I thought it would be a good idea to stay for hours and hours. So long that I got hammered.

I met 3 of Friday’s goals. I always knew I was going to the drinks, so thought it was going to be a bad day, but had hoped for a little more than 3. Or well.

What I had also hoped for was feeling a little better yesterday so I could get more than 1 of my goals. 1 out of 9. How bad is that!

Today I’m planning on getting 9. Actually, I’m debating whether to let myself have some chocolate toady and only get 8. To be honest if I have chocolate I’ll probably go over 1,400 calories, so if I want some I’m going to have to accept losing another 2 points. Would it be worth it…?

I was really proud of myself on Thursday night. I’d gone to bed really late on Wednesday, so by the time I got home after work on Thursday, I was totally shattered. I didn’t want to write, and I didn’t want to exercise on the Wii. I’d decided not to, and accepted losing the 3 points (4 really because I probably wasn’t going to do my exercises either), when suddenly, from nowhere, I got some motivation. I didn’t do 20 minutes on the Wii, I did 30. Then I started writing. I didn’t write 500 words (for goal 1), I didn’t write 1,000 words (which is the 2 points), I wrote 1130. That’s about 130 more than I’ve written in 1 day in December. Yay!

We decided that weeks start for this challenge on Sundays. So I’m starting a new week today. I’m more determined this week. I’m going to do better. The problem is I have my staff party on Thursday night. At least it’s night though, so I still have the day to achieve things (unlike Friday when I didn’t have time to do anything). I just worry I may get drunk and write off Friday. If I stay off wine I should be ok… I hope.

So my challenges (just to recap – also to put them at the forefront of my mind) daily are:

Eating: 5 fruit/vegetable portions, less than 1,400 calories and no chocolate

Exercise: Walk 2km, 20 minutes on the Wii and my knee exercises

Writing: Write a blog, write 500 words, write another 500 words.

I’m over a third of the way through this challenge. I’ve got to say, although I hate it, I’m really loving it. I seem to totally be someone who needs a challenge to be able to get things done. That’s why know I’ll carry on with ROW80 next year! Yay!

Word of the day

Today’s WOTD from Wordsmith is Periphrastic.  I don’t know if it’s just me (probably), but I think it sounds dirty!  Boringly it’s not, the definition they use is:

1. Using a roundabout form of expression; wordy.
2. Formed by the use of two or more words instead of inflection. Examples:
“daughter of John” (compared with “John’s daughter)
“It did happen” (compared with “It happened”)
“more stupid” (compared with “stupider”)
“Do you have” (compared with “Have you”)

I do like that.  I really want to learn these words, but I’m sure in a couple of weeks I will have totally forgotten about them.  My Mum’s asked for one of those Brain Training things for Christmas – I totally think I should get one too.

Speaking of ‘Getting’ things.  I got my Wii yesterday – woo hoo.  My boyfriend’s best mate is about to emergrate to Australia so was getting rid of his stuff a few weeks ago.  He sold my man a Wii, broken Xbox loads of games and DVDs.  He already has a Wii, so that was always going to go to me (cause he’s such an awesome person!)  The question was, when?  To help to motivate me to 50,000 words for NaNo, he said if I completed it I could have it now, but if not I could have it for Christmas.  I completed it, so am now a proud owner of a Wii.  Yay.  The probelm is games – we’re going to fight over them.  I’m going to buy Wii Fit or Fitness Coach or something to try to lose some weight before Christmas.  Anything is worth a try!!

Pull your finger out girl

At the moment I am pretty annoyed with myself (for the second time in a week, but lets not go into the getting too drunk story!). I’ve been at home three nights this week and done nothing towards my writing course. I go home with lots of enthusiasm, but once I’ve got home and eaten I kind of loose it. I guess it doesn’t help that I get home around 7.30pm. I didn’t do much last weekend either. I need to snap out of this and get on with some writing.

I am going to the Museum of London tonight. Whether I will write about it or not, it sounds like a fun thing to do. Oh god, I sound like a geek. I’m not a geek. (There can’t be two geeks in my relationship!). I’m going to write about it regardless of whether I submit that for the writing course or not. It will be good practice and the more I do the better I’ll get. And if I pull my finger out I’ll send my assignment off and get some expert advice to help with that.

I walked past a bookshop today and saw a Marion Keyes book I’ve not got. I was going to go back at lunch and buy it, but decided I wouldn’t get it today, but ‘reward’ myself when I’ve sent my 1st assignment in. Reward as I LOVE Marion Keyes’s books. Plus, if I bought it today there is no way I’d be able to do anything else for the next few days as I’d just be reading that. Although that might be a good thing as I’m pretty sure the man will spend most of the weekend on the Wii. I am going to have to get into Guitar hero if I ever want to see him. Maybe I won’t then I can write when he’s playing on that. Who says you should write with no distractions? Ha ha!

Speaking of Marion Keyes – that’s who I want to be like. Or Jane Green. I love their books and can’t put them down when I read them. Actually Sophie Kinsella is like that too (need to go and see the Shopaholic film – it can’t be as good as the book though). I want to write books that people can’t put down. That stop everything else in their lives because they just have to read. That make people want to read quickly to get to the end, but also want the book to go on forever. That’s why I want to write.

Just realise I never read these blogs before I post them. Is that a good or bad thing? I’m scared if I read them I’ll over analyse and take forever reading and re reading them. I’ll start re reading tomorrow. Time to go now.

Museum (and geekyness) here I come.

Too much writing

I’ve just written the second half of my assignment one (the first half is saved on another computer) and the word count is 371. The whole piece needs to be 300 – 500 words. Oops. It looks like I’m a little to eager. And the really worrying thing is I thought this was the shorter half (shorter section). From school I remember cutting down words it a horrific job, so I am wondering if I should just start again. I just don’t know how I am going to loose 250 words. I also don’t know how I am going to have time to try over the weekend. I really want to get it done over the weekend and don’t want to miss the 1st deadline I set myself. I’ll try.

Yes, busy weekend coming up. Drinks tonight. Shopping tomorrow. drinking tomorrow night and working (job number 2 – or would that be 3 now I’m writing too? I should really class that as a job. Although the thought of having 3 jobs scares me immensely, so maybe not) Sunday night. Phew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a couple of lie ins and some writing. The boyfriend’s hopefully got a new Wii (free – job work hunny) so I imagine he’ll be playing on that all weekend – will I get dragged in, or will I resist temptation and use the time to write? Only time will tell. Only time will tell.