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Pictures and Pitches and Piles and Piles

I’m going to start today with a little rant, because this is really annoying me.  I’m maybe 1/3 of the way through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and really enjoying it.  It’s not keeping me up at night, but I think that’s a good thing.  Maybe I’ve learnt to control my reading urges (doubtful). 

BUT.  Every time I pick it up, I get a little annoyed.  The cover shows the girl with the dragon tattoo.  Or so you would think.  In actual fact it shows a girl, who does have a dragon tattoo, but that has long hair scruffly held up – with long bits falling down.  Salander (the girl in the novel) has (direct quote) ‘…hair as short as a fuse..’  It annoys me so much that the picture doesn’t match the novel.  So much.  It’s even worse though, because I bet if Larsson was alive when the novel was published he wouldn’t have let it happen. 

Sorry, had to get that out.  Moving on. 

Actually I don’t have anywhere to move on to.  Nothing to say.  That can’t be right.  I’ll save the draft for an hour or so and have a think. 


That was silly, now I’ve lots to say (well a little more).

I started something yesterday that I thought might be interesting – if a little impossible.  I’m creating a list of all the novels I’ve read since been an adult.  Originally I thought it would be impossible to do because I’m never going to remember all the books I’ve read, but I’ve found something even harder.  I can’t remember if I’ve actually read LOADS of books.  I’ve got Amazon open and am going through the authors I can think of whose books I’ve read.  I’m on Jill Mansell.  I’m about 10 books down and already I can’t remember if I’ve read 4 or not.  I recognise the story line, but don’t know if I’ve only read the back, or the whole thing. 

I’ve should have known I’d have this problem, it’s the kind of thing I’ve done before.  I once bought a book, cause I thought it sounded really good.  I got to maybe page 3 before I realised I had read it before.  *sigh*.  Still it’s an interesting project, and again, a great way to procrastinate!!

The other thing I’ve been working on today (not my job obviously) is this pitch for the competition I was talking about yesterday.  I’m going through Winnie Griggs’ workshop on them.  It’s really really hard.  I think I’ve found a pretty big problem with my novel – there’s not enough background story to it.  Or, when looking at a pitch there isn’t.  I thought and still think there is, but I can’t find enough to fill the pitch.  Maybe I need to look at it without the distraction of phones ringing, people coming to reception and staff saying goodnight as they leave! 

That really is it this time!

By the way, it’s ‘piles and piles’ of books – on my read list 😉

A Little Ahead of Myself

I’m doing something I am nowhere near ready to do.  But it could work out to be the best thing I do.  If that makes sense? 

I found a competition today on eHarlequin’s website: ‘Donna Alward’s Perfect Pitch Contest’.  The competition, would you believe, is to write a pitch for your novel.  The prize?  (if you get through the first round and send your first chapters in then win that round) is Donna being your mentor for a year.  Definitely something I could do with.  So today, I’m writing a pitch.  Or learning how to anyway. 

Luckily, another Harliquin author (Winnie Griggs) held a workshop about this last week.  Although I missed the workshop, so being able to ask her questions about mine, the workshop is still available to read here, so I’ve been going through that today.  It’s hard.  The competition ends on Friday, so that doesn’t give me much time to perfect it!  I’ll give it a go though.  It’s all good procrastination from draft 2 of the novel! 

I feel like I’ve not done much writing this week.  I feel like all I’ve done during work hours are work (duh!) and surf the net.  It’s not the worst thing ever, I have found that competition and lots of useful and interesting blogs, but it’s not productive.  Must try harder!