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Nothing to write

(But bet I can ramble for a while regardless!)

Something I have been meaning to blog about recently is when I first knew I wanted to be a writer.  I’ve read a few people’s blogs where they’ve been talking about how they’ve always known that’s what they want to do. I don’t think I’ve always known I want to write, but I can’t for the life of me remember when I decided I do.

As a  kid I was constantly reading.  I always had a book around me and if I wasn’t out playing I could usually be found in a corner with my head stuck in one.  This continued all the time I was growing up and into adulthood.  The only reason I don’t read as much now is that I just don’t have the time. 

But writing, really no idea when that decision came to me.  Recently I found some scribblings, which kind of formed an idea for a novel, written I think when I was at uni, or when I lived in America (which was my year out from uni).  That kind of surprised me as I thought the 1st solid thing I had written was after I left.  I wonder how much writing I’ve done over the years and don’t remember.  I wonder if there’s loads of stuff somewhere I’ll stumble across one day.

During GCSE English Language classes we used to do ‘timed writing’.  Our teacher would give us a topic or line or something and we would have the whole lesson to turn it into a story.  I used to love that; I got my best marks in English for those stories.  I wonder if they’re somewhere at my mum’s house?  In the loft somewhere?  The time that sticks in my mind the most was when our prompt was ‘You’re not bringing that in here’.  My teacher went mad at us all for not thinking of something more original than a lost animal (mine was a puppy – driven from a longing for a puppy when I was little I’m sure).  I often think about what alternative story could have come from that line, but always come back to the lost puppy idea.

When I was a teenager my favourite book EVER was Summer Dreams, Winter Love by Mary Francis Shura – from the Point Romance collection.  I’ve just looked for it on Amazon (to get the author’s name) and the reviews say exactly what I thought every single time I read it – it’s the best romance book ever.  What many people reviewing it also said is that it’s a book for all ages.  I’m 90% sure I’ve still got it at home and have always wondered if reading it as an adult would wreck the memory of it for me.  It would seem not.  I have to find it and read it.  I read it for the 1st time as a young teenager who had no idea what this love thing is, and it really brought it to life, making me want it so much.  I wonder how good it is now knowing 1st hand how it is. 

I always say my reason for wanting to be a writer comes from feeling moved by other people’s writing, and wanting to do that to someone who’s reading my text.  Summer Dreams, Winter Love is possibly the 1st  book I ever read that did that, definately the 1st I remember (and we’re talking 15+ years later here!). 

I think that’s enough reminising now.

There’s an article in this month’s Company magazine about how to earn £50k plus during the recession.  The first person who is given as an example is a lady who’s just had her 1st book published and has signed a three book deal.  It was a really nice story, proving anyone can do it (she had another career and wrote it in the evenings).  It put a little spring in my step this morning!

Hoo hoo, I’ve just discovered a Jane Green book I didn’t know about.  ‘This Christmas’ is a collection of three short stories one by Jane and the other two by other people.  Another book to add to my to read list.

Last week I sent my friend a copy of the short story I wrote recently; she’s also interested in writing and said she’d like to read it.  She loves it.  She thinks I should turn it into a full length story.  She (quote) ‘was hooked after a couple of paragraphs’.  Go me.  That’s given me a lot of confidence in myself.  Other than my mum, I don’t think I’ve ever shown anyone any of my writing, maybe I should…

For a girl that had nothing to write, I sure as hell found something – I think this may be the longest blog I’ve ever done!


I’ve been really good today.  For a while, I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve been wondering what, were and how a semi colon should be used.  I imagine it’s something I learnt at school, but just can’t remember.  As a writer I should know, so I googled ‘Use of Semi Colon’ and found this great link.  So now I know.  Only another 1,000 grammar and punctuation things I need to learn.  It’s a start though.

I’ve also done something bad.  Well, good, but also bad.  Only bad because I know I’m going to regret it.  I was chatting with a girl from work about how you can download books online, and how that would be a great idea for at work as we’re sat at computers with nothing to do between phone calls and/or visitors coming in (I work on a reception/switchboard).  So, today I looked into it, and found something even better.  Free books.  Yes, that’s right, free books.  Wooop.  From here.  So, I’ve started a new book.  Good, more reading.  Bad, I’ll be reading instead of writing.  At least it’s all going towards being a writer anyway.

I wonder when you start calling yourself a writer?  Is it when you’ve written a book? An article? Or when you’ve had it published?  Or should people consider themselves writers when they write ANYTHING?  If that’s the case, I should call myself a writer now, cause I write quite a lot (I’ll get round to finding out how many  words I wrote last month and the rest of my May round up tomorrow).  I don’t feel like one though. 

Maybe I will when I get this silly second assignment done.  I know I’m only calling it silly because it’s dragging out.  I WILL get it done over the next two days (HOLIDAY days).  I’m writing my list now of what I’m going to do – I think I’ll need to get up normal working time to get everything done.  damn.

I know I’ve got a hundred more things to say, but without a list, I can’t remember them.