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Lots and lots of words

I’m torn in my head about whether the words I’ve written today count or not. I’ve re-written a scene I wrote a few weeks ago for ‘Holiday’, but in 1st person, present tense.  I think I’ve pretty much decided it’s going to be 1st person now.  I just need to decide between present and past.  I’ve always had problems writing present in the past, I seemed to always slip into past accidentally – but somehow in this 1,000 word scene (the beginning of a scene anyway) I’ve kept it consistent.  Initial reaction from me is I like it.  I know there’s a couple of bits in it I don’t like, but for a 1st draft it’s not bad.

I didn’t do much writing over the weekend, bits and bobs on Sunday, but I wasn’t feeling too good again.  I got another migraine on Saturday so felt kind of funny on Sunday, then yesterday I didn’t do anything as I was feeling dizzy all day.  Even had a day off work because of it.  Shame, I could do with a day off to work on some writing. 

God, I’ve just realised I’ve not started reading anything this month.  My goal is to read 2 novels.  Damn.  I think if I don’t get too far with that I can be quite lenient on myself – I know it’s because I’ve been getting these migraines and headaches so don’t really feel up tp reading.  I’ll get on it when I’m over this spell.

The good thing is though, that it’s making me do writing.  When I’m at work time really drags if I’m not doing anything, whereas if I’m writing, my concentration is taken, so it’s like I forget I’m not feeling too good. Every cloud and all that….

Friday feeling?

I totally haven’t got it.  Not having a good day at all. Horrible in fact.  But. Surprisingly.  I’m having quite a productive day in terms of writing.  That’s quite unusual.  Usually when I’m feeling like this I can’t be bothered to write.  I can’t get the motivation.

I’ve done more planning for ‘Holiday’ and have started planning a scene.  It’s a pretty good scene and I really want it in there.  But I don’t really know the purpose of it.  It doesn’t move the story on.  It’s just a good scene.  Hmmmmmm.

No time for any more.  Pub time!

Try to write less

After yesterday’s mammoth blog, I’ll try a shorter one today.  That will also mean I’ll get back to my ‘Holiday’ planning (funny, I’ve also been planning a holiday!).

Yes, I’ve been doing a little planning today.  I’ve got this scene in my head and today I started thinking about it a bit more.  I realised that it’s pretty pointless to the story and with the logistics of London (where they live) it doesn’t really work.  So I’ve scrapped it. 

Although writing that made me remember that I’ve already planned the scene.  Agh.  But it’s ok, I’ve just read the notes and I’ve only planned what they talk about, which can easily be moved to the next scene.  Phew. 

I think I’m going to spend a good few hours this weekend planning out ‘Holiday’.  I’m going to do my story board and maybe work a bit more on the background details I’ve got in my head that make everyone who they are.  I’ve just realised there is going to be quite a lot of friction between the heroine and the hero’s girlfriend.  Looking forward to that. 

I’m going to stop myself from writing any more now, or I’d probably carry on rambling for another 600 odd words 🙂

Weekend writing

That’s right folks, I’m blogging on a weekend (woo hoo – that’s  a goal for the month under my belt).  Not only that, I’ve also done some writing for ‘Holiday’.  I woke up with an idea for a scene in my head.  Rather than just think about it more, and write down the idea later, I got my notepad out and wrote it out.  Well wrote about 70% of it. And the notes for the other 30%.  I’m pretty impressed with the idea of it.  It’s going to help things flow along nicely.

Also this morning I worked out a main detail for the story.  It’s a detail I’d been struggling with internally.  My main characters are at this stage in their lives and I couldn’t work out how to make it believable that they’d got there.  It was going to be a bit… not unbelievable, but hard to believe, but I’ve worked it out.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.  I just need to write it down now… Done.  Wow this Sunday is productive.

The scene I’ve just written was in 1st person.  I put very little thought into the fact I was going to do that – it just felt right.  I think it works much better than if it was 3rd person because I really want it seen from her eyes.  I think it’s important to see where she’s at in that moment of time.  I’m still going to re write some scenes to see if it works all the time.  It’s also in present tense.  I like present tense but find it really hard to write sometimes.  Hmmmmmmm.

I started reading a book last night.  Unfortunately not one from my to read list, or even a fiction book.  It’s about economics.  Why economics can explain ‘almost anything’. I hope it’s going to be one of those semi educational books that will stay with me and at certain points in my life parts of it will be brought up to add to conversations (you know the type, like Bill Bryson’s ‘A short history of nearly everything’ – love that).  I guess it’s also good to read a selection of things.  I just feel fiction would be better for where I’m going.  Ah well, sometimes you’ve just got to do what you want at that moment not what’s good for the future.  Besides I’m staying at my mum’s in my brother’s room and there’s no other books I’ve not read in here.  In fact there’s a few of MY books I have read in here! I guess it saves me finding space for yet more books though so shouldn’t complain!.

July nearly over – how did that happen?

I’m going to have to do quite a quick blog here as I am dying to work on ‘Holiday’.  After lunch I thought I’d do a little work on the scene I started last week, but before I even started it I got annoyed that I don’t have a name for the main character.  I decided I HAVE to find it today and while I’m there, names for everyone else.  So I found a random name generatorand wrote down all the ones I like with which potential character each could be.  I’ve got a few, but still not the main character.  It’s driving me mad.  The names I like are either from other stories of mine, or I just don’t think they suit the character.  Not that I really know what she looks like, but I think I’ll KNOW her name when I find it.  I hope.  Like naming a baby, I think when I find the right one I’ll know.  I wonder if that’s Naive?  I KNEW the male name was right.  So I hope I will with the female one when I find it.

Last night I was talking about being able to write novels without a day job.  I realise today I was thinking about it in the wrong way.  We were talking (hypothetically) about if my boyfriend got really good pay rise and we stayed together I could give up work and write novels.  Although that is an amazing idea, I really should do some positive thinking and think about it in terms of when I am being paid by a publisher to write novels for a living.  Wouldn’t that be nice.  I’m sure I’ve got enough ideas floating in my head to do it 😉

Guess I should write a little about the of this blog title too.  July is nearly over – how the hell did that happen?  As a kid I was always told that life flies by when you get older; if that’s the case I don’t want to get any older, I don’t want my life to go past any faster!

I got a free book today.  Or so I thought.  I was just walking along the street and someone was giving out free books.  Nice.  Very short ones, but I presumed it was just a short story. But no, it was a couple of chapters from a novel.  I have two conflicting opinions on this:

Opinion number one: As a reader – horrible idea.  I’ll read it then want to buy it, so have to go out and spend money on a book.  Not good as I’m trying to pay for a holiday this month and already have 2 other on my ‘To Buy NOW’ list.  I know I will have to because it’s Adele Parks and I really enjoy her novels. 

Opinion number two:  As someone who will one day (I hope) try to sell novels – great idea.  I’ve always thought giving people part of your story is a great idea – for exactly the reason as number one above.  People will get interested in it and want to read more. 

Smashwords(an online ebook retailer) give authors the options to give the public the first x amount of a novel for free.  It worked for me when I read Brown Girls.  The 1st 20% was great so I had to buy the rest.  I just know this is going to happen from this Adele Parks one too.  I knew that before I started it, having read one of the chapters, I KNOW I will have to now.

I’ve always had a bit of a dream to have a novel written by me given away free in a magazine.  I’ve discovered a few authors that way and think it’s a brilliant idea.  It potentially gives the author a fan base.  Presuming that is that other people are like me and once they discover an author keep reading their books and look forward to new ones coming out. 

So much for quick blog so I can get back to ‘Holiday’!!

Finding time?

Yes, I’m making more excuses.  I’ve still not done any writing.  That’s a slight lie, I wrote the very beginning of… something the other day (150 words only).  Something where a girl was happily walking down the street when a car nearly crashed into her, in fact she was saved by a man pushing her out the way.  Very strange how that happened, it was just one of those writing things, writing without any ideas.  Didn’t think in my wildest dreams that would be what happened.

I’ve been really busy and literally had no free time this week.  I’ve not even watched any tv or done anything on the computer at home (nope, no facebook, no games, no nothing).  I need to start doing more, we’re a week into the month and I’ve done enough work for it to be the 2nd or 3rd!  Disgraceful.

I did actually do something productive yesterday.  I was thinking about my fear of writing magazine articles – more like my fear of finding a topic – and thought I’d do some research.  So I googled ‘magazine article ideas’ and ‘magazine article writing’ and got loads of advice.  I’ve been looking at the process the wrong way.  I don’t really know how I was looking at it before, but the way I need to look at it is I’ll be writing something that someone like me (or the readers of that magazine) want to know about.  Sound really obvious doesn’t it.  Now it does.  So when I have random ‘I wonder if/what/why…’ ideas throughout the day, I need to capture them and think about turning them into articles.  Another thing to be writing down.  My note book is going to get such good use!

The other thing I need to do, is actually sit down and think about it.  I think I’ve been expecting an idea to just come to me, but that’s not going  to happen.  Not to start with anyway, maybe sometime in the future.  Anyway I need to finish reviewing a magazine (I’m going to do 2 actually) before I start thinking about it properly.  Maybe Sunday.  Definitely next week anyway.

Positive feelings flowing

Today I am having very positive feelings.  I’m not too sure of the reason(s) behind this, but it may be one of several (or a combination of them). 

The weather is warm.  I have been told that today is predicted to be the warmest of the year so far.  I was cold on the way to work this morning, but that was three hours ago.  Apparently it’s now warm.  This means summer’s on it’s way.  Summer always makes me feel happy and positive.  Who knows why I choose to live in this cold rainy country!

I finished the book I was reading last night.  Yes, I stayed up too late finishing it last night, yes I am very tired because of it, but it was worth it. 1am isn’t as bad as 2am or later.  Really enjoyed it.  Marian Keyes – The Charming Man.  This is the kind of thing I want to write.  If I can do it even half as well as her, I’ll be happy. 

Finishing the book means I can cross one thing off my ‘to do’ list for this month. YES!  That always makes me feel good.  Just another eight million things to go (exadurate? Me? Never!).

I read a blog yesterday where the author had made a decision to set a timer for once an hour at work, and when it goes off, she will write for five minutes.  I think that is such a good idea, I have decided to do the same.  That will really help towards the 6,000 words I want to write this month.  I started it an hour ago.  I planned a scene from the ‘holiday book’, and started writing it.  After five minutes I wanted to write more.  So I did.  Half an hour and 600 words later I stopped.  Nice.  I am lucky (today I feel happy about it anyway) that my job is so quiet I can do it.  Yes, I’m interrupted by having to answer the phone every few minutes, but at a quick transfer and they’re gone.  I’ve started both the novel and my word count for the month.  Excellent. 

My touch typing is also going really well.  I don’t need to look at the keyboard.  Yay.  Also not looking at the keyboard means I’m looking at the screen so picking up spelling mistakes as they happen not at the end.  I’m saving loads of time correcting the spelling at the end of writing anything.  My spell check must be in shock at the lack of work.

So all in all today’s a good, positive day.  And it’s not even lunchtime 🙂

(Plus 450+ words on here, that’s a daily total of more than 1,000 today.  At this rate I’ll go well over my 6,000 target!!).

The writing course has landed.

Yes that’s right, my correspondence writing course has arrived. I’m really excited. When I got it I wanted to rip it open and read it through. But, my sensible head thought that if I read thought it all in one go I will be thinking ahead all the time and not focusing on the assignment in hand. So I only read the 1st assignment. Even that was a bit naughty as I still have a couple of modules to go before I get there. One of these modules I did today.

The exercise was to write a scene from something I’d observed in the last few days, or a story behind something I saw. Last week on the train there were 2 women who were talking about child birth and the pain (I did actually put my ipod on to block out the details), so that gave me an idea. The scene I wrote was a pregnant woman getting on a tube. When he saw her, a man offered her his seat. The woman next to her then starts talking to her about the baby and her children. Didn’t really finish it which is quite annoying, but I didn’t really know where to take it. It doesn’t help that I’ve never been pregnant to know what they might have been talking about. I also get a bit bored with things after a while. I need to make an effort to stop that – I must make myself finish when I’ve started something.

The 1st assignment for the course is to go to a fair, or sporting event or something that interests me and write a review. On Wednesday there’s an adults only night at the science museum which I’ve been wanting to go to since it started. I think it will really interest me, so I’m going there. Hopefully it will interest me enough to be able to write a good review of it. I can’t wait.

I am just so excited about getting this course started now. Bring on Wednesday!