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For the last few days/weeks I’ve had something in my head I just can’t shake.  Now I know I’m going to have to give in to it.  When I was younger I read the Anne of Green Gables books, and loved them.  And now *mumbles under breath* years later I’m going to read them again. 

Or should I say finish reading them.  I had a look at them today and found out there’s a few at the end of the series that I’d not read.  I don’t know where this urge has come from.  Actually, maybe I do… 

Since being an adult, until recently, it hadn’t even crossed my mind to read children’s or young adult fiction.  A few months ago I started to think about a book I read as a teenager, Summer Dreams, Winter Love which I think I could still say is one of the best books I’ve read.  I looked for it when I was back at my mum’s house, but couldn’t find it. I’ve been thinking about buying it again since then and re-reading it. 

Then, around the same time, Laura Best blogged about adults reading Young Adult books and it struck me, we can do it, why the hell not?! 

Weirdly enough around the same time, maybe subconsciously, I bought a novel which turned out to be YA and really enjoyed it. It’s like everything’s telling me something.  So long and short – I’m going to read Anne of Gables.  And, the library have it – woo hoo.  But it’s out on loan until about 10th.  Which is good because I’m reading 31 Dream Street and have Twenties Girl to read next.

My boyfriend thinks I should read something suggested by someone else.  Something out of my comfort zone of romance, chick lit and thrillers.  I think he’s thinking Sci-fi.  I’m sceptical, but I think he may have a point.  As a writer I should read as much as possible, and vary what I read.  Who knows, I might be destined to be a horror writer. Although I strongly doubt that.  With this in mind, can anyone suggest a something they think I should read?  Out of my comfort zone?  I tried to tell him Twilight was, but it fell on deaf ears as I’d blogged saying it was basically a romance novel.  Must stop blogging what I think (doubtful).

Today’s thoughts

After the madness of Nano, I decided to take a bit of time off writing.  Actually I didn’t really decide before December, I decided it on 1st when I couldn’t be bothered to write anything.  On 2nd it also sounded like a good idea, so again I did nothing.  Yesterday I did nothing, until 5pm when the realisation hit me that I NEEDED to finish Italian Infatuation; especially as I was only about 500 words away. 

So I picked it back up, and finished it. Yay! I couldn’t believe how hard it was to do that after only 2 days off.  There’s a lesson to me – don’t stop until you’re done.  I finished it, in just over 500 words.  Bringing my total to 50,600 ish. 

I’m now going  to leave it alone until the new year when I’ll read it through then start the editing process.  I think.  The problem is, I’ve just read the Nano website’s ‘What next?’ blog, and I really want to get on with it.  I’m not going to though.

I spent a lot of time last night thinking about ‘Holiday’.  It’s such a mess, I think my first task with it will be putting the different documents together.  That in itself will be a massive job as there’s probably about 8 of them, each one a different scene, most of them not finished!  But I loved writing II (as I like to call Italian Infatuation)  because it was just one document, and easy to pick up because I was writing the same thing daily, not flitting about over different scenes. 

Having said that, I used to like deciding what to write on that day, so having different scenes was good.  No, I’m going to put it all together and do as one.  I can always miss bits out and go back later if I want to jump to another scene or something. 

It’s December:  I’m allowed to buy books again.  After October when I bought about 6 books, which caused my ‘to read’ pile to become two high for most of the length of my bookshelf, my boyfriend decided I wasn’t allowed to buy ANY books in November.  He had no right to say this, as we don’t live together, share money etc. But he was right, I have too many books, and I keep borrowing other books from the library instead of reading the ones I have.  So I agreed, and stuck to it.  But now it’s December.  Woo hoo.  But I’m now broke after so much time off work (my company don’t pay ‘sick pay’ and Statutory Sick Pay is a joke – less than £16 a day – WTF!!!) and with the hint of Christmas and present buying presents, that I think I can’t afford to buy any.  Why is life so hard??  There is a silver lining though, I get presents too.  And I have people asking what I’d like for Christmas.  I need to start my list.  Actually I can just copy it from my ‘To Read’ page.  I need to update it then…

I’ve just realised how much faster, and accurate, my touch typing has got in the last month.  I now hardly ever look at the key board; I do more when I’m thinking about typing not typing what I’m thinking – if that makes sense.  Another good result of Nano!! 🙂

I keep thinking I’m done with this post, but then remember something else.

I changed my mind about reading the Dan Brown book.  I decided instead of borrowing a book off my boyfriend, I’d read one from my to read pile.  (Actually it hadn’t even made it to the pile, it’s been hovering on my desk in a ‘I’m about to read that so not going to put it away’ way.)  I thought it was chick lit, but I having read the first 30 odd pages I think it probably qualifies as Young Adult instead.  That surprised me, but as I’ve not read any from this genre since I was a ‘young adult’ myself, I’m quite happy about it.  I’m expanding my reading base 🙂

Right, now I’m done!!