Archive | May 22, 2009

Another blog about poetry

Since doing that Japanese poem thing (or to put it better ‘Haiku’) I’ve been feeling a tiny desire to write some poetry.  I’m confused by it as I’ve never really been that big into it.  I did A-level English Literature so did a lot of reading poetry for that and before that for GCSEs I must have written some.  I did enjoy it at the time, but it wasn’t anything I took with me past school. 

I remember in my 1st year at secondary school I wrote a poem about excuses for not doing homework and remember it being really good (for an 11 year old anyway).  I’m going to have to look up how to write poems and do some.  Yay – something else to stop me doing my course.

I wish I could remember more of my school work.  Or I wish I knew if I still had some.  I would love to look at some of the work I did back then.  I really wanted to take English Language for A-Level, but my school didn’t offer it (I wanted to stay at school not college as I didn’t trust myself to make it there every day without teachers breathing down my neck).  I wonder where I would be if I had have done it…?

I’ve done no writing today.  Damn job getting in the way.  I’m working again tomorrow and out all day Sunday so it is very unlikely I will get any done this weekend.  Damn.  I have to get out of this rut of not doing any writing at the weekend, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, no 5.  5 would be better than none.  That’s my challenge then – at least 5 minutes writing (each day) this weekend.  Even I can manage that.